keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2011

La belle bow at the ball

Here is some wonderful head pieces for a windy days. Designed by Kirsi Nisonen, a finnish designer who has great sense of putting a bow and a turban together. Greatness i say.
Other great thing is Coeur de pirate´s amazingly good songs that i have been listen hours this week!

I see there is a lot of new readers and visitors, so a warmly welcome to all of you! im so happy to get to know so many great blogs and bloggers! you all rocks! :)

Kirsi Nisosella on mahtava päähine maku. Kirjoitin jo Laketista, mutta ajattelin, että juhannuksen kunniaksi on paikallaan kirjoittaa myös näistä upeista päähineistä! Varmasti pelastavat bad hair dayn. Eikä kutrit viipota tuulessa miten sattuu kun päähän täräyttää turbaanin!

Musiikillista antia on myös ollut viimepäivinä..Olen kuunnellut nyt coeur de piratesia jo päivätolkulla.. kannattaa tutustua ja etsiä youtubesta!

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*Hyvää Juhannusta kaikille! *

15 kommenttia:

  1. I really like the pink one! They're wonderful! So elegant for winter nights! ;)

  2. I love bows and all hair accessories in general...the ones you are showing are gorgeous and stylish, it would be fun to wear something so lovely to a special occasion :)
    Claudia xo

  3. Hello:
    Yes, we love all these bows. Jolly and elegant, the perfect head decoration for a party!

    And, the boys wearing their bow ties actually manage to bring a light touch to an accessory that we have previously thought rather dull. Not so now!

  4. so classy and elegant.... love your images!!!

  5. The fashion commentator: that was my first one that inspired me. thought to put in the first picture, but then i think too much and ended up putting pictures like this :)

    Shabby labels : :) i will visit you blog soon ^^

    Claudia Lane: yes- no-one can never go wrong whit bows :D

    Jane and Lance- i love bows too! whit leather jacket bow looks modern and great :) i love them!

    Akiko Hiramatsu- thank you!! ^^

  6. i love this post! GORGEOUS!!!

  7. these head pieces are amazing!!! xoxo

  8. This lady behaves: thank you and oh, so wonderful to have you as reader! you got wonderful art blog!!

    Raffaella: xoxo :)

  9. Love this bows!!!Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!

  10. Ihania!
    Ja ihanaa juhannusta ihanalle!

  11. Shabby labels: Cool! this made me so happy :)

    Fabrizia: ^^

    Nina: Samoin sinulle ihana :D

  12. Thank you for your sweet comment!!!
    Come back soon, I'll be waiting for you!!

  13. These images are so stunning! Love them!
    Great post!
    Many greetings to Finland from Périgord,


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