tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011


Tykkään todella paljon pioneista. Sen suuret kauniit kukat tekee aina vaikutuksen. Pionin legendat ovat myös upeita- sehän kukkii myös kuun jumalattaren Hekateen taianomaisessa puutarhassa. Legendat ovat kivoja, ne antavat tiettyä lisäväriä kasveihin ja tekevät niiden kasvattamisesta mielenkiintoisempaa. Nyt pionini ovat jo kukkineet mutta nappasin kuvia tänne blogiin joten nyt näiden kukinta jatkukoon täällä! 

I love peonies. Those big beautiful flowers makes happy mood every time. Now my peonies are already bloomed, but i decided to put this pics here so they continue blooming in here from now on :) Ponies are intresting flowers not only by the beauty itself, but they are flowers that were blooming in the Greek goddess Hecate´s magical garden too! i have to say that i love legends and fairy tales! Those makes life more interesting and after that you may see a peony in a little bit different way. 

Have a beautiful week!

10 kommenttia:

  1. Love peonies...
    I love how they bloom big...

    and thanks for the legend about peonies,
    honestly this is the first time I heard about it.
    And yes, I will never look at peonies the same way, I will always remember your info.

  2. Hello:
    We agree absolutely. Peonies have always been amongst our favourite flowers and white ones are, in our view, complete perfection. And after the flowers, the leaves remain looking good until the first frosts of autumn. Happy days!

    We do so hope that you are enjoying the summer!

  3. I love peonies - looks like the flower exploded it is so large and voluptuous- does that make sense - amazing :O)

  4. lovely flowers, great depth!


  5. i love all flowers :)

    come to me, kisses

  6. aww this is cute, the peonies look stunning. it gives me a really nice relaxing feel to my mood.

    keep on blogging (:

    ~ diana

  7. They're my favorite flower! And yours is gorgeous! Vanna

  8. It is really beautiful...××
    like the silk


  9. I love peonies, they were in my wedding bouquet as well cause it's one of my fave flowers :)



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